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WE GO KTU is an organisation uniting active people for an informal development.
Acting as a youth community, we encourage patriotism, mutual assistance, tolerance and friendship.
These are our key values that we foster in all our activities.

• Organise active and often extreme journeys (skiing trips, bicycle tours, mountain hiking, parachuting, trips to festivals, sport camps abroad, and similar activities)
• Organise and administer international youth exchange programmes. We help people to travel abroad, where youth development is promoted by travelling
• Administer international programmes for paid volunteering and help people to travel abroad, where personal development is promoted by helping others
• Encourage active leisure time, organise various competitions of hiking, canoeing, paintball, or orienteering sports
• Organise and participate in various social campaigns

Write us using details provided below, or join our Facebook page and learn about our trips and events.

A student with brown, short hair, wearing a black suit.
Pranas Gataveckas

Leader of WE GO KTU

Studentų g. 69, Kaunas
phone: +37067931214
email info@wegoproject.lt