It is a united talent development platform, providing all possibilities to the talented students to improve and use their skills in research and business. The Talent Academy students will study according to a plan designed corresponding to a business or science area, where they will be able to choose the Challenge Package activities.

1st year

Personal development

•You will work with career mentors, internationally renowned professionals. Your talents will be revealed and developed with the help of 20 career mentors, selected by their international recognition, social activities and scientific achievements. One mentor cannot supervise more than 2 students.

•You will participate in the programme for your personal and emotional intelligence development. Your participation in the programme includes work with business representatives and coaching professionals.

Embracing professional challenges

•You will acquire knowledge in advanced level lectures provided by the best KTU lecturers. During each semester you will have a chance to study two additional modules at advanced level.

•You will participate in the international interdisciplinary project VIRTUAL REALITY MARKETING. During the project you will work with international interdisciplinary teams and develop marketing solutions from idea to the prototype using modern technologies.

2nd year

Aiming to expertise

•You will participate business/research challenge. During the challenge, for 4 months business companies will intensively cooperate with GIFTed students developing innovative products.

•You will work with and be able to seek advice from the highest level research mentors. Your talents will be revealed and developed with the help of 20 research mentors, selected by their international recognition, social activities and scientific achievements.

•You will have a chance to acquire professional knowledge master’s level studies. Each semester you will be able to choose one additional lecture from the master’s studies schedule.

•You will get acquainted with your professional area, and will have a chance to undertake an additional internship.


3rd–4th year

Mastering your career

•You will acquire international experience.

•You will have a chance to acquire professional knowledge in master’s studies lectures.

•You will participate in your career planning consultations.

•You will undertake your internship in the most competitive Lithuanian and international business companies.


Financial incentive
Funding possibilities for additional educational activities (300 EUR scholarship).
Professional expertise
Participation in CHALLENGE projects and advanced level lectures.
Career competences
Participation in personal and emotional intelligence development programmes. Consultations with career mentor and career planning specialist.
Mastering your career
Individual competences’ package acquired, personal Rector’s recommendation, Cum Laude diploma.
Member of the exclusive community
Working in an exclusive and motivating environment of like-minded people.
Value-creating network
Cooperation with the highest level research and business professionals.


If you are the first year KTU student, if your admission score to KTU is >7,5 and you are ready to accept challenges take part in the GIFTed Talent Academy selection.


1st stage

Apply by filling in the form in the Competitions section on the Academic Information System (AIS) until 4 September and submit the following documents:

•CV (You can include your extracurricular activities – volunteering, membership in organisations, participation in various projects – as your work experience.

•Cover letter (clearly and originally describe your motivation to become a GIFTed Talent Academy student)

•Recommendation (-s) (recommendation of the teacher or of the leader of the extracurricular activities, etc.)

•Other scientific activities (participation in olympiads, competitions, etc.; the documents proving your scientific activities should be issued not earlier than 01/09/2015)

•Other activities (volunteering, participation in organisations, event organising, etc.; the documents proving your achievements should be issued not earlier than 01/09/2015)

2nd stage

Receive a letter confirming that you have passed to the second stage of the selection and an invitation to participate in the interview and the assessment of your personal competences. This stage will provide you a unique opportunity to reveal your potential, and to express your willingness and motivation to become a Talent Academy student.

3rd stage

Receive a letter confirming that you have become the Talent Academy student and get ready to accept CHALLENGES.

1. What are the criteria of selection to the GIFTed Talent Academy?

The principal criteria for admission to the Talent Academy:

•Your admission score to KTU is at least 7.5

•You are motivated to become the Talent Academy student. It is important that you know clearly why you want to participate in the Talent Academy

•You are motivated to study! It is recommended to consider once more why you chose this particular study programme


2. When is the selection to the Talent Academy?

The main selection to the GIFTed Talent Academy is in August–September.

At the beginning of the second semester of the first year an additional selection can be organised provided there are vacancies at the Talent Academy. All the first year bachelor students, whose semester’s grade point average is at least 8.0, are invited to participate in the selection.


3. How long will I be a member of the “GIFTed” Talent Academy?

Talent Academy is a 4-year programme. To complete the Talent Academy, you have to participate in its activities at least for 3 years. Only the first year bachelor students can be admitted to the Talent Academy.


4. What scholarship would I receive for participation in the GIFTed Talent Academy?

In the first semester of the first year all GIFTed Talent Academy students awarded 150 EUR monthly scholarship. Starting from the second semester, GIFTed Talent Academy are awarded 300 EUR monthly scholarship.


5. Do I have to take additional modules?

It is not mandatory to take additional modules, but you will have the possibility to freely choose additional modules from bachelor’s or master’s study programmes starting from the second year at the GIFTed Talent Academy.


6. What advanced modules will I have to take at the GIFTed Talent Academy?

You will study: Media Philosophy, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Introduction to Programming for Engineers.


7. How are the lectures of the advanced modules organised?

You will take advanced modules together with other GIFTed Talent Academy students. The advanced modules’ schedule will be individually adjusted to your usual study schedule.


8. What documentation will prove my competences acquired at the GIFTed Talent Academy?

After graduation from the Academy you will receive an individual file of competences (a set of the representative documents, facts and projects of the Academy’s student), Rector’s recommendation and GIFTed Talent Academy Diploma.


9. Can I be expelled from the Talent Academy?

A contract with the student is terminated and he/she returns to the usual bachelor’s study programme, if he/she:

•Fails to get assessment for at least one module of the study programme

•At least one of his/her final evaluations of the module is less than 6.0

•His/her semester’s grade point average is less than 8.0

•Fails to achieve the set individual Semester Goals

•Fails to meet the requirements of the Agreement

“An impression after the selection to the Academy: talented and creative students motivate and inspire us, they encourage us to improve and tom be active.”

Jolanta Baskutienė

“It was a pleasure to teach and to communicate with GIFTed students. There is nothing more important to the lecturer than to witness motivation and rapid progress of his students, and feeling connection. Talent is more than just a highly valuable professional in a given area, he or she is an open, reasonable, responsible individual possessing high culture. KTU GIFTed programme is a challenge to the University in the society divided by interests and short-sighted discords; it is the hotspot for the network of future professionals.”

Nerijus Čepulis

“Participation in the GIFTed Talent Academy has taught me that you can develop yourself and do it incredibly fast. Anyone, who sets clear objectives and consistently tries to achieve them, in a few years can become a person they can only dream of being today. Mentors and motivating environment that allows you make mistakes without fear, makes it a pleasurable experience.”
GIFTed student Jonas Žalys





Monika Pavalkytė

Mentorship Programme Coordinator

Studentų g. 67, Kaunas
phone: 8 682 64454

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