It is a platform for the development of career competences that will help you become competitive in the job market. It provides possibilities both for your professional and personal development. WANTed programme is your chance to develop your career competences, entrepreneurship qualities, providing an internationality dimension. It helps you to plan your studies with focus and purpose, to align them to your future career. Participate in the events, seminars, receive consultations on the career issues and look through the job and internship offers. Become wanted in the job market.

KTU “WANTed” Career Days

KTU WANTed Career Days is the largest career contact fair for students and companies in the Baltic States. KTU Career Days has facilitated successful integration of thousands of students into the job market and helped representatives of the companies to find the most talented employees for their organisations.

Do you want to discuss successful job or internship searching strategies? Do you need help planning of your career? Register for a career consultation on Academic Information System (AIS). The graduates are invited to register for consultations by email Career consultations are provided on the following topics:

  • CV / cover letter (directly or online)
  • Strategy for job/internship search
  • Preparation for a job interview
  • Simulation of a job interview
  • Identification of weaknesses and strengths, career planning
  • Other

It is a programme for the development of career competences available to every student. Do you want rapid employment and career progress? WANTed events and seminars will provide knowledge on the latest job market trends, will open up your view on career, and will help to plan your studies more efficiently, to develop personal competences that facilitate achievement of your career goals. With WANTed you can become a truly competitive employee or entrepreneur.

WANTed is:

  • Career events
  • Cycles of events and seminars
  • Group consultations
  • Individual consultations
  • Sharing good practice
CAREER COMPETENCES Assist in developing talented professionals characterised by well-developed competences, which are a guarantee for a successful career.
VALUABLE NETWORKING Cooperation with the highest level professionals in the areas of research and business.
KNOWLEDGE AND ACADEMIC SKILLS Expanded and detailed knowledge on the future career.
INTEGRATION IN THE UNIVERSITY Encouragement to participate in the additional activities helps a student to get involved in the University’s life.
A MASTER OF YOUR CAREER Enabling students to take responsibility for their career path.


What is it? Knowledge of your personal characteristics and your personality’s development influence to your career.
Why is it important? Knowing of your personal qualities, values, interests, talents and competences can help you to create a more purposeful career plan. Self-knowledge encourages starting new activities, identifying your strengths and the areas you could improve in. It helps to evaluate your career possibilities and to better understand how important life events impact your career.
Be ready to:

Honestly try to know yourself better, to evaluate yourself realistically and positively

Start new activities bravely, to aim to receive feedback from others

Constantly try to know yourself. Building self-knowledge, as well as development of your career competences, is a continuous process

Analysis of career possibilities

What is it?       It is your ability to collect, evaluate and use career-related information (for example, on organisations, professions, works, career paths), to analyse global trends in economic, social and technological development, to evaluate employment and studying possibilities.
Why is it important?                If you use relevant and accurate information for your career development and analyse the possibilities, you become open both to the changes happening in the world and to various activities. In this way you can be more realistic while evaluating a situation in the job market and your opportunities in it. You will be more persistent, purposeful and consistent in development of the competences required for your career. Analysis of the career possibilities helps you make individual career-related decisions and plan your career.
Be ready to:   

Aim to use relevant and accurate information for your career management

Be open to the changes in the world and societal needs

Learn and improve constantly. Job market is constantly changing, therefore, taking interest in relevant information and development of lacking career competences should be a continuous process

Career planning

What is it?       It is an ability to create a vision of your career, to make decisions and to prepare the career plan.
Why is it important?                Career planning makes its management easier. With career planning you will be more careful in predicting the important personal and environmental factors, you will become more open to possibilities and be able to make reasonable and timely decisions. This will help you understand what activities are useful in achieving career goals; you will understand a relation between your career vision, success, and objectives of other areas of your life, such as family life or leisure activities. A clear career plan provides a clear direction to your career development.
Be ready to:   

Make honest attempts to manage your career

Be open to various career possibilities

Constantly plan your career. Career is a life-long process; therefore it should be planned continuously

Implementation of your career

What is it?       It is your ability to manage studying, learning and job search processes, to handle personal finances. This ability means gaining a foothold at work, being able to manage your career changes and to combine it with other areas of your life.
Why is it important?                For a successful achievement of your career goals, you have to be able to continuously learn and to develop rationally selected abilities. Knowledge of the job search process and understanding of the relationship between employment possibilities and your career goals will lead to more rapid progress of your career. Also, it is very important to understand how different areas of life (family, leisure) are related to your career and to be able to combine them all.
Be ready to:   

Take responsibility for implementation of your career goals

Have positive approach and be open to the possibilities of career changes

Demonstrate resolution, persistence and resilience to failure both in job/internship search and in the development of your career at work



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