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We invite you to the dance performance “Juodųjų eglių miškas” by KTU dance studio “MoDance”.
Performances will take place:
👉 9 June at 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM
👉10 June at 6:00 PM
📍KTU III building, 2nd floor hall (Laisvės al. 13, Kaunas).
The allegory of the modern person, where an individual, overwhelmed by a fast pace, hears themselves in nature, and upon hearing themselves, dares to dive into their inner self. There, after pushing through bright and clear thoughts, they find in the depths what they have hidden within and did not dare to look at. The music of the performance is the music of M.K. Čiurlionis, in harmony with contemporary electronic music and the composition “Šamanas” by L. Adomaitis.
❗The number of seats is limited. Registration.
Art director of the dance studio: Rūta Sudakovienė
The production team of the performance: Jevgenija Pavlova, Evelina Melinauskaitė, Ieva Balčiūtė, Justė Klemanskaitė, Orinta Terminaitė, Gabija Barvainaitė, Taura Muntrimė, Karina Vilkaitė, Gustė Makčinskaitė, Augustė Kanclerytė, Ugnė Mazuronytė, Gustė Janušauskaitė, Eva Šlikaitė.

June 6 d.

KTU III building, 2nd floor hall (Laisvės al. 13, Kaunas)

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