For students with disabilities or individual learning needs

The university offers the adaptation of studies for students with disabilities or individual educational needs (physical, sensory disorders, autism spectrum, dyslexia, mental health problems, other learning difficulties).

The students wishing to adapt their studies have to:

  • Fill in the survey form
  • After filling the form, email to arrange a meeting with the social welfare coordinator (if needed,  a KTU psychologist can be invited to participate)
  • Provide a document certifying individual needs (statement from a medical institution, psychologist’s recommendation or certificate of the level of working capacity)*

KTU also provides free services of a psychologist. Students who have mental health problems, as well as those who feel increased anxiety, stress, other negative emotions that hinder the quality of studies are invited to register for a consultation by email

*All data provided by students are protected by the law on data protection and will not be passed on to third parties.

Kaunas University of Technology participates in a project with the State Studies Foundation, during which equipments were received in order to increase the accessibility of studies:

  • SuperNova Magnifier 13.03. The program magnifies all or part of the information on the computer screen.
  • Topaz XL XD 24‘. Stationary electronic image magnification device, operated in learning spaces installed in libraries.
  • Bellman Audio Domino. Digital signal processing technology.
  • Bellman Audio Domino receiver. Receiver of digital signal processing technology.


Ausma Minkauskaitė

Social Welfare Coordinator

Studentų g. 50, Kaunas