The University can offer you various financial support and funding possibilities. Use all the opportunities provided by the University.

What scholarships can I receive?

University’s Talent Scholarships are awarded to the most active students, who achieve exceptional results in their studies, research or art projects, who are active in extra-curricular activities in the areas of business, innovations and social activities that promote KTU name.

All bachelor‘s and master‘s students, as well as integrated and non-degree studies students can participate in the Talent Scholarship competition, except for the bachelor‘s students in their first year’s first semester.
Amount of the University’s Talent Scholarship is 250 EUR per month. The total amount of support allocated per semester is 1,000 EUR.

The results of 2020 spring’s semester.

Talent Scholarship competition of year 2019-2020 will take place in:

Autumn semester | 9th September 2019  – 22nd September 2019
Spring semester | 10th February 2020 – 23rd February 2020
All necessary documents and instructions will be posted in AIS.

More information:
tel. +370 37 300 327
el. p.

Links to the documents: Office 365

Nominal Sponsor Scholarships and the scholarships established by companies are awarded to active students who achieve high academic results.

Sponsor Scholarships Competition
Sponsor Scholarship awardees are being selected by competition, which procedure is defined in the scholarship establishment contract and approved by sponsors or by University’s Rector. Competition for Sponsor Scholarships is being announced in spring and autumn.

Documents to be submitted:
• Curriculum vitae (CV)
• Motivation letter (if requested)
• Recommendation
• Other documents, supporting science and public activity

Students submit documents online.
Application form and other documents for the competition will be updated in the Academic Information System (AIS) after the competition is announced.

Agnė Atkočiūnaitė
tel. +370 37 300 080
el. p.

One-time Incentive Scholarship is being awarded for active promotion of the University‘s name by taking part in various activities. The awardees are being named by Faculty Dean’s order and authorised by the Rector.

Requests regarding the award of one-time incentive scholarships to students are submitted by:
• Chairs of students’ organisations
• Head of the Art Societies Group
• Director of Physical Education Centre;
• Other managers of University’s departments

One-time target scholarship
One-time target scholarships are awarded for a purposeful activity representing University:
• Participation in international and/or national scientific conferences, seminars, Olympiads, projects or other events
• Representation of the University at international and/or national sport, art and/or competitions of public organisations, conventions or another kind of events
One-time target scholarships are awarded to students by Vice-Dean’s order, authorised by Rector, of by Dean’s order, authorised by Rector.

More information:
tel. +370 37 300 327
el. p.

What financial support can I receive?

KTU students, who are living in the non-renovated dormitories, who have difficult material or social situation and do not pay more than 96 Eur for a room can apply for dormitory accommodation grant. Documents to be submitted:
1. Request
2. Documents, supporting the circumstances indicated in the request:
2.1. certificate on family composition
2.2. certificate on family’s and (or) person’s calculated and paid salary and other benefits (from the municipality)
2.3. other documents supporting student’s material and/or social status

Applied monthly Accommodation Grant for one person at the dormitory is determined by the commission.

Scanned documents have to be submitted by email until the 20th of each month at the latest.

tel. +370 37 300 080

One-time Social Scholarships are awarded to the students, who are in a difficult financial situation due to:
• Illness.
• Illness or death of a family member.
• Natural disaster or loss of property.
• In other exceptional cases.*

The scholarship amount is up to 780 EUR.

* Students who apply for a one-time social scholarship due to a national quarantine and material hardship due to a global pandemic must outline all the circumstances in the application and provide supporting documents to prove their situation.

During quarantine, applications can only be submitted by email.

Tel. +370 37 300 327

Students travelling to international events (conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.) can receive financial support from the University’s fund for development of international relations.
Support for studies, apprenticeships or scientific practice abroad is also provided by special Lithuanian and foreign governmental and public foundations, International study programmes.

The State Studies Foundation provides support to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the other countries citizens of Lithuanian descent and expatriates (who had lived abroad at least for three years and came to Lithuania to study in the eighth and subsequent school years), who study in Lithuanian higher education schools.

Tel. +370 37 300 327

More information

The student’s participation in national and International events can be co-funded from the foundation of the Vice-Rector for Studies, if a source of additional financing is available.

The student aiming to get co-funding for the activities significant to the University from the foundation of the Vice-Rector for Studies has to fill in a request and to apply to the Faculty’s Dean or the Student Union.

The criteria for co-funding:
• A student is advanced; his/her grade point average of the last semester is at least 7
• A chair of the organisation / Dean or his/her authorised person provides a reasoned recommendation for the student’s trip
• A student provides a reasoned justification for the requested expenses
• A student goes to an exhibition / tournament / event to present his/her activities / presentation, represent the University at the regional / national / international level
• Participation in the event is significant to the University; it promotes the University’s name and strengthens its image
The following cases are not funded by the Studies Foundation:
• A visit is related only to the expanding student’s knowledge in his/her study programme
• External students’ trips
• When co-funding of one student’s trip requires more than a half of the annual Foundation’s funds
• When a student goes to the trip that forms political opinions or visits the countries in which political situation poses a threat to the student

Regulations for the procedure of co-financing of the participation of students in the national and international events

Application form

Kristina Skučienė
Tel. +370 638 32 977

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