Talent Academy providing with career competencies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), wide-ranging life skills and financial benefits for KTU Bachelor students.


Why it is worth becoming a SKILLed AI student?

COMPETENCES IN THE FIELD OF AI You will acquire the academic and professional knowledge needed in the sector of AI through additional study modules and presentations by company representatives and researchers.
SCIENCE + BUSINESS You will have activities with an academic mentor and researchers, alongside company representatives. You will discover Artificial Intelligence not only from the scientific field but also from the business field.
CHALLENGES AND INTERNATIONALIZATION You will partake in a hackathon, a project or a research paper and you will have the opportunity to gain international experience.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES During the program, you will have practical activities that will strengthen the skills you need for your career. Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a SKILLed AI diploma alongside a personal recommendation and a competence portfolio!
WIDE-RANGING You will develop personal competencies in soft skills training, implementing the goals set in the programme and participating in personal development and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
MEMBER OF THE EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY Co-operation in an interdisciplinary and motivating environment of like-minded people.
VALUE-ADDING CONTACTS  Co-operation with the highest-level professionals in business and scientific areas.
FINANCIAL BENEFITS You will be provided with a scholarship worth up to 300 Eur/per month and other additional financing possibilities for educational purposes.


SKILLed AI programme

Students are provided with an opportunity to adjust their individual study plans by including additional modules in the field of AI. The subject of AI is dependent on programming and having good programming skills is an advantage.

Studies will also be complemented by various educational and non-formal activities.

You will introduce yourself to the field of AI from the business and scientific fields!

  • You will set personal goals and create an individual study plan to strengthen your competencies for a career in the field of AI.
  • You will partake in the training of researchers from KTU AI Centre, during which you will learn how AI topics are applied in science. Alongside you will attend in business-led trainings and excursions, during which you will hear how AI topics are implemented in company projects. After talking with employees, you will also get to know the microclimate of the company.

You will strive to become an expert in the field of AI with developed personal skills!

  • You will set a plan for the development of your professional competencies.
  • You will partake in the personal development and emotional intelligence development programme of “7 Habits of highly effective people”.
  • You will attend theoretical and practical training in soft skills during which you will strengthen your personal qualities. Therefore, it will become easier to achieve ambitious goals, and you will ensure your success in the labour market.
  • You will partake in Business Ethics and AI Etiquette training to learn about the ethical challenges in the field of AI.
  • You will have personal meetings with researchers – academic mentors.
  • You will challenge yourself by participating in a hackathon.

You will use your knowledge in challenges!

  • You will have the opportunity to choose between an individual scientific work or a project, implementing business ideas with science-based solutions.
  • You will prepare a final project in a group, solving University problems, using AI-based solutions.

You will ensure a smooth career journey!

  • You will have the opportunity to complete an internship at the most competitive Lithuanian and international businesses.
  • You will get an individual file of competencies, a personal recommendation and a diploma of SKILLed AI.
  • Academic Writing H004B102
  • Algorithms for Big Data Processing P160B013
  • Application of Cognitive Neuroscience S283B101
  • Artificial Intelligence Ecosystems P176B103
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business Processes S190B189
  • Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grids P176M001
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions Development P170B129
  • Basics of Science Communication H004B001
  • Business Ethics S189B194
  • Computational Intelligence and Decision Making P170M109
  • Data Analysis P160B103
  • Data Structures P175B014
  • Deep Learning P176B107
  • Ethics and Values in Public Sector S189M128
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence H120B116
  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience S283B010
  • Image Processing and Recognition T125B116
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence P176B101
  • Machine Learning Algorithms 1 P176B104
  • Machine Learning Algorithms 2 P176B106
  • Neural Networks and Neurocomputing P176D162
  • Programming in Python T120M171
  • Psychology of Communication S263B090
  • Public Speaking H004B101
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Social Research S189B112
  • Speech Recognition Algorithms P176B108

How can you become a SKILLed AI student?


If you are a 1st-year Bachelor’s student at Kaunas University of Technology, your University admission competitive score is 7 or higher, and you are ready to become an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence – apply to the SKILLed AI programme!

If you have any questions or feel uncertain about joining SKILLed AI, visit the Student infocentre to consult with the programme coordinator or write us an e-mail at

We hope to see you participating! 🙂

Fill in the participant’s form in the section “Competitions” of the Academic Information System (AIS) from the 2nd of January to the 14 of January:

  • CV (work experience can include extracurricular activities such as volunteering, membership of an organisation, and participating in projects. It is recommended to use the CV template). After preparing your CV, don’t forget to convert the document to PDF format. Only CVs received in PDF format are accepted;
  • Cover letter (describe your motivation to become a student of the “SKILLed AI” programme);
  • Recommendation (-s) (add recommendations of your teacher or the supervisor of your additional activities, etc.);
  • Other scientific activities (upload the documents supporting your scientific activities, participation in Olympiads, competitions, etc. issued after the 1st of January, 2019);
  • Other activities (upload the documents supporting your social activities issued after 1st of January, 2019: volunteering, participation in activities of an organisation, organised events, etc.).

         *Under “Other scientific activities”, indicate type A1.

If successful, you will receive a letter confirming that you have passed to the 2nd stage of the competition by the 15th of January and thereafter be invited to a motivational interview. The second stage of the application process (the interview) will provide you with an immense opportunity to reveal your potential, willingness and motivation to become a student of the SKILLed AI programme.

Motivational interviews for the general submission will take place on the 16th-19th of January. We urge you to check your University’s e-mail regularly.

If you are accepted, you will receive a letter of confirmation for the SKILLed AI programme by the 22nd of January. Get ready for a fascinating journey with SKILLed AI!


Digital badges for SKILLed AI activities

A digital badge can be obtained for participating in business and researchers-led lectures.

SKILLed AI digital badges

A digital badge can be obtained for participating in seminars.

SKILLed AI digital badges

A digital badge can be obtained for participating in hackathons.

SKILLed AI digital badges

A digital badge can be obtained for participating in Franklin Covey’s training “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

SKILLed AI digital badges

A digital badge can be obtained for writing a research paper.

SKILLed AI digital badges

A digital badge can be obtained for an individual/group project solving the University’s problems using AI-based solutions.

SKILLed AI digital badges



The main period to submit your application for the SKILLed AI programme is in January. This application is for the 1st year students.

The additional submissions for the SKILLed AI programme are conducted in between August-September. These submissions are for the 2nd year students.

Criteria for the main submission process which takes place in January:

  • 1st year Bachelor students;
  • University admission competitive score is 7 or higher;
  • no academic debts;
  • motivation to become a student of SKILLed AI programme.

Criteria for the additional submission process which takes place in between August-September:

  • 2nd year Bachelor students;
  • an annual average is 7 or higher;
  • no academic debts;
  • motivation to become a student of SKILLed AI programme.


This programme will provide you with the opportunity to further your knowledge in the field of AI and develop yourself comprehensively – you will be introduced to Artificial Intelligence applications in the business field, learn about projects at the KTU AI Centre, interact with researchers, have soft skills training and have fun with other SKILLed AI students during informal activities!

During the spring semester of the 1st year of studying, SKILLed AI students are awarded 150 EUR/per month. Following the second semester of being a part of SKILLed AI, students’ scholarship increases to 300 EUR/per month. Whether the scholarship is awarded is dependant on his/her study results and participation in the programme.

After admission through the additional submission, a scholarship is awarded in the first semester only in rare cases.

You will receive a SKILLed AI diploma alongside a personal recommendation and a competence portfolio!

You will be a part of the educational program for the entire* period of your Bachelor’s studies.

*If your study programme is 5 years long, you will be a participant of the SKILLed AI programme until the end of the 4th year.

The SKILLed AI contract with a student is terminated if:

  • the student violates the general principles of academic ethics;
  • GPA of at least one study module decreases to less than 6;
  • semester CGPA is less than 7;
  • student fails to meet the requirements of the Agreement;
  • participation in less than 70% of programme activities without justifiable reason;
  • student fails to reach the programme’s goals.


Talent Academy