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AIESEC is the largest youth-run organization, which the main objective is to develop the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of young people. It can be achieved by going on a volunteering exchange or internship abroad or joining our organization as a member.

When you join our organization, you are allocated to smaller teams. One team is responsible for our customer experience. This team members work with other AIESEC offices and help young people who choose to take up an AIESEC exchange program. Another team is responsible for marketing, where members brainstorm new ideas, create promotional campaigns, events. As well, we have a team responsible for B2B sales and working with the companies here in Lithuania, and helping them to employ the intern from abroad. Lastly, we have a team responsible for social projects creation here in Lithuania. Its members are creating volunteering projects related to SDGs together with NGOs, schools, kindergartens and taking here of volunteers here in Lithuania.

AIESEC provides you a possibility of traveling to international projects and learning to work in an international team, improving and gaining new skills, necessary in the labor market, getting to know people from many countries of the world, and having a positive impact on the youth of your chosen region by solving relevant problems of the world.

You can choose any project from more than 106 countries of the world. The duration of the project last mostly around 6 weeks.

If You are a senior or a final-year student, you can gain job experience in international companies – take part in AIESEC international internship program. Here you will get a chance of working in international rapidly growing companies, learn about the markets and business peculiarities in other countries, and acquiring work experience which is necessary for successful performance in the Lithuanian job market.

Internships last from 6 weeks to 1,5 years. During this period a company pays you a salary, which is sufficient to cover the main living expenses.

New members are selected twice a year – in September and in February. Selections to internships and volunteering projects are active all the time. If you want to get information about approaching selection or more information about our programs, email us at!

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Emilija Baltaduonytė

President of AIESEC Lithuania

Gedimino g. 50, Kaunas
phone: +37063615351