KTU logo, square with KTU and 1922 in the middle and united program logo, unit written in yellow and ed in black

Education at the University is more than just studies. Extracurricular activities help your personal development, provide opportunities to improve and to find new friends. Everything depends on you!

Become a member of KTU student organisations and acquire additional competences.

7 students with sweaters from different faculties standing in Laisvės Alley, looking back at the photographer

KTU Students’ Association

8 students near the old building

AIESEC KTU steering group

KTU Organization “Kartočiau”

Cyclists on a forest road.

KTU Hikers Club “Ąžuolas”

A group of students marching through the fields and carrying the Lithuanian flag.

KTU Black and White Fortress

A group of climbers posing for the photographer holds the Lithuanian flag and the WE GO flag.


A group of students who jumped into the air at the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery.


A group of students spending free time indoors.

KTU Student Leisure Center (SLC)

A squad of students posing for a photographer.

KTU Doctoral Students’ Society

Students talking in a conference room.

ESN KTU – Erasmus Student Network

A group of students is sitting at a long table in the hall, with the European Union flag in front of the table, a student holding a poster on the left, three students sitting at the table and talking to each other.

KTU Student Corporation TauTiTo

Students sitting in a computer auditorium and listening to lectures.

KTU Investment Club Invensa

Students posing for a photographer In a bright corridor with reflective walls.

KTU Marketing Lab

A group of students take photos at a glass wall.

KTU Aeronautics and Space Club “Arcturus”

Man with a black suit thinking

KTU Philosophy assembly “Archė”

Students leaning at the computer. On the table we see extension cords, papers and a bottle of water.


In the background we see a lot of people, and in the middle pose students dressed in medieval clothes

KTU Medieval Dance Club Saltus Gladii

5 students standing in the laboratory.

Applied Optics and Photonics KTU OSA Student Chapter

In the background we see a lot of students and in front we have three constructed robots.

KTU Students Scientific Society

If you want to establish a new student organisation, a steering group consisting of at least five students of the University has to apply to the coordinator of social activities at the Student Services, introduce the objectives and guidelines of the new student organisation, and fill in an application for establishment of a new student organisation.

Moteris sukryžiavusi rankas su mėlynais marškiniais stovi baltame fone
Guoda Ozolaitė

Social Activities Coordinator

Studentų gatvė 50, Kaunas
email guoda.ozolaite@ktu.lt