KTU and Hikers Club „Ąžuolas” logos

Do you like to travel? Would you like to know Lithuania and the farthest countries of the world? If you dream of visiting places you only saw on postcards, come to Ąžuolas. Let the adventures of your life begin!

Members of KTU Ąžuolas Hikers Club, are mad about traveling and adventures. We are united by our passion for hikes and nature. During 50 years Ąžuolas raised many generations of travellers, encouraged them to be interested in history and preserve long-lived traditions. Our hiking tours recharge hikers with new energy, inspire for new ideas. Fellow hikers become life-long friends.

• Organise hiking tours of various degrees of complexity: weekend hiking tours and bicycle tours in Lithuania, ski tours and canoe tours, as well as mountaineering tours that require special preparation
• Provide training for rock climbing, mountain technique and speleology, and contribute to organising competitions
• Participate in the events, organised by the members of Union of Lithuanian Travellers (meetings, competitions, turiadas, etc.)
• Participate in cultural events, local historical and environmental activities, public campaigns
• Celebrate traditional festivals: Midsummer Day (Rasos), All Souls’ Day (Vėlinės), Christmas, New Year’s Eve. Each year we organise planting of oaks and nurture hikers’ traditions
• Organise the University’s events and participate in them

We invite all members of KTU academic community who enjoy travelling to join Ąžuolas Hikers Club. We will lend the essential equipment (backpack, sleeping-bag, tent) to those who go hiking for the first time. Everyone interested is welcome to come to our meetings on Wednesdays at 7pm, which take place at Ąžuolas premises in KTU Faculty of Design and Technologies (Studentų Street 56). Also, we publish relevant information on our website and Facebook page.

A student with short, dark hair, looking up with a big smile. He wears a plaid shirt and a gray T-shirt with a print.
Tadas Čėsna

Leader of Hikers Club Ąžuolas

A. Purėno g. 18, Kaunas
phone: +37063352693
email azuolas@azuolas.org