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KTU Students’ Scientific Society (SMD)-

It is an organization that unites the most inventive and innovative students of the university. Through community spirit and sincere teamwork, we aim to prove that science is not as boring as it may seem at first glance. Not only do we promote science, but we help implement engineering ideas and experiments, foster good relationships between members, and spend time productively. SMD – for everyone who wants to fill their free time with meaningful activities, realize ideas, communicate with motivated students and strive for personal development.

Students from different fields can collaborate and share the knowledge needed for frequent project work. The members of the society are allowed to contribute in various ways to the activities of the SMD. We:

  • organize events that promote science;
  • design and test equipment for interesting experiments;
  • demonstrate interesting experiments across Lithuania;
  • organize engineering workshops and implement engineering ideas;
  • contribute to events organized by the university;
  • travel across Lithuania – to companies, museums, culturally significant places or other kinds of destinations for their educational value. Sometimes we organize bigger trips to travel abroad.
  • create layouts and videos;
  • receive scholarships for active involvement;
  • communicate with various companies and look for sponsors;
  • write articles and projects;
  • enjoy cozy evenings with board games, hot tea and cookies;
  • get to meet the most inventive and interesting KTU students;
  • develop spacecraft and time machines.

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A girl with brown, wavy hair in a black T-shirt with glasses sitting in a room with plants.
Rugilė Jurgelionytė

Chairman of KTU Students’ Scientific Society

Tunelio g. 60, Kaunas
phone: +37069834037
email rugile.jurgelionyte@ktu.edu