KTU and Student Corporation Tautito logos

Student fraternity TauTiTo is the academic organization that core principles are engraved in its name. TauTiTo: nation, faith, progress. Being loyal to our motherland we believe that sharing your knowledge with others is a part of self-improvement. To teach and share your knowledge is one of the most important student’s duties since the interwar period. Faith – is both a religion and a key to successful development.

Korp! TauTiTo was established under the traditional German fraternity’s concept. However, you can also find the principles of interwar period and modern University merged together. Male and female are both welcome in our fraternity. Since 1997 we are focused on progress but also keen on retention of Lithuanian language and tradition among students.

Our main activities cover three fields: the celebration of national day, participation in science fairs, and planning of various academic events. Every year we celebrate the Independence of Lithuania, the Independence of Latvia and Lačplėsis day. We participate in such science fairs as “Tyrėjų naktis”, “Ervėlaivis Žemė” in Kaunas, and “Piknik Naukowy” in Warsaw, Poland. Together with KTU radio club we organize radio sports events and soldering courses.

You can learn more about the corporation or join our activities during the entire year. Please contact us using the details below.

A student with long, brown hair, wearing a green hat with a yellow ribbon, glasses and a dark shirt.
Karolina Vaičiūnaitė

Chairwoman of Student Corporation "TauTiTo"

A. Purėno g. 18-202, Kaunas
phone: +37069851562
email tautito@tautito.lt