Optical Society of America is a professional association of individuals and companies with an interest in optics and photonics. It publishes peer-reviewed journals, organizes international conferences and exhibitions. Over 100 years, the organization has expanded to more than 100 countries and now has more than 22,000 members. By establishing Applied Optics and Photonics Optica Student Chapter at the Kaunas University of Technology, we became a part of the growing international Optica community.

We are a community of active students of the KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. We are engaged in the promotion of science, organizing events, seminars, showing demonstrations to students and pupils. Members of our organization are contributing to research activities conducted by the Applied Optics and Photonics Research Group, are welcome in international conferences organized by Optica, gain access to scientific databases, and get a free subscription to Optica’s journals “Optics and Photonics” and “Physics Today”. Are you studying natural sciences? Are you interest in optical sciences and engineering? Join us!

If you got interested, contact us.

RG Applied Optics and Photonics
A student with short, blonde hair, in a light blue shirt on a gray background.
Mantas Mikalkevičius

President of „Applied Optics and Photonics KTU OSA Student Chapter“

email mantas.mikalkevicius@ktu.lt