KTU and KTU Black and White Fortress logos

KTU Black and White Fortress is a non-profit group of socially active young people; it unites proactive and socially responsive citizens and organisations.

Our goal is to create an environment for gathering and self-realisation of socially responsive and active young people, who want to actively participate in public life: provide help to vulnerable social groups, conduct socially beneficial activities and create mature, responsible, socially active society which is involved in the public life.
Motto: “We turn BLACK into WHITE”.

• Provide help to the vulnerable social groups: we visit nursing homes, deliver classes for disabled children and children from the problematic families, we provide entertainment for children in the hospitals, foster puppies in the animal shelters
• Provide civil education and non-formal education
• Promote social, historical and cultural values by organising hikes, trips, lectures and quizzes
• Encourage active and high quality leisure time for young people
• Encourage people to identify the problems in the governing and social life of our country, and take individual initiative to solve them by organising social campaigns
• Conduct crime prevention

Are you interested? Contact us, write a letter or just come by to have a cup of tea. We have meetings on Thursdays, 5֪–7pm.
Would you like to join our activities? Visit our Facebook page and choose an activity in our calendar.
Would you like to know us better? Come to an information meeting on the last Thursday of each month.

Paulius Klikūnas

Leader of KTU Black and White Fortress

Studentų g. 50, Kaunas
phone: 8 677 66 990
email info@baltaijuoda.lt