KTU and KTU Investment Club "Invensa" logos

It is an organisation uniting young and ambitious members of KTU community and its alumni, who are interested in investment and financial literacy.

Our aim is to help young people to develop their competences in investment and financial literacy by providing training, consultations, and to involve them in practical activities. We gather like-minded people to share their good and bad experience, investment ideas, insight, contacts, and the financial database created by the members. We organise and encourage active participation in the events on the topics of investment and entrepreneurship, meetings of the shareholders of the companies, involve our members into taking part in seminars, trainings, conferences and other joint trips.

If you are interested in these activities, do not hesitate and write to us by the email provided in the contact information.

A student with short, dark hair, in a black sweater, strung his hands on his chest, a watch on his wrist.
Lukas Ugrehelis

President of KTU Investment Club Invensa

Gedimino g. 50, Kaunas
phone: +37064198563
email lukas.ugrehelis@gmail.com;