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Computer graphics and programming studio “Pixel” – members of this organization are doing everything that is associated with game or animation creation – students who want to learn computer graphics and programming by utilizing various programs and to use the knowledge gained to accomplish different kinds of projects are welcome.

  1. Draw in PHOTOSHOP.
  2. Model in BLENDER.
  3. Create games using UNITY3D.
  4. Organizing and attending various with game creation associated events.
  5. Have a good time watching films and playing various games together.

Contact us using the details below.

A student with short, blonde hair, in a black sweater with a blue "NO" inscription, his hands on his chest.
Vytautas Gružauskas

Leader of Studio Pixel

Tunelio g. 60, Kaunas
phone: +370 683 459 27
email vytautas.gruzauskas@gmail.com