KTU and Philosophy assembly „Archė“ logos

KTU Philosophy Association “Archė” is an organization that unites ideological people who want to think and discuss inclusive topics and thus understand the world. The organization exists to ensure and preserve the existence of philosophy at Kaunas University of Technology. Our operations started in 2019.

We organize events and gatherings where:

  • We are broadening our horizons.
  • We discuss politics, economics, psychology, and other topics related to philosophy.
  • We develop each other’s critical thinking.
  • We try to argue our positions correctly.
  • We avoid unreasonable reasoning and incorrect rhetoric.
Student with blond, short hair. Wearing a red jumper and patterned trousers. In the background you can see the river and the fragments of the city.
Lukas Antanavičius

Chairman of the KTU Philosophy Association "Archė"

phone: +37064736422
email arche@ktu.lt