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KTU Doctoral Student’s Society (DSS) was established on May 14th, 2013. It is the first organization in the University’s history with the specific purpose of ensuring the welfare of KTU doctoral students. Therefore, our goal is to actively represent the doctoral students, efficiently solve arising issues, as well as to promote community spirit.

Each beginning of the Autumn semester KTU DSS holds a general meeting where the report of the organization’s activities during the year is presented. At the same time, the new organization’s president and coordinators are elected.

KTU DSS general meeting is also a great opportunity for the new members to present their selves as candidates and join the society. However, if you are eager to start now feel free to contact us any time.

At the moment KTU DSS administrates and coordinates the following areas:

1. International and public relations
2. Human resources
3. Finance
4. Academic and social affairs

Contact us using the details below.

A girl with brown, long hair. He wears a green jacket and a blue shirt
Lina Morkūnaitė

President of KTU Doctoral Students‘ Society

Tunelio g. 60, Kaunas
phone: +3706 09 10816
email lina.morkunaite@ktu.lt