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It is a circle of friends, active enthusiasts, who are devoted to folk music and dance. Goštauta is united by the sounds of songs, beauty of the language, sincere and comfortable conversations. They admire inventive interpretations and creative solutions and are inspired by desire to spend time immersed in interesting activities.

Goštauta was founded in 1986 by the group of tourists who admire old Lithuanian traditions and folklore. A new generation has come, but the members of Goštauta Folk Group remain faithful travellers, caring deeply about old Lithuanian traditions and celebrating traditional holidays.

For example, every year year Goštauta celebrates Christmas and Easter in Musteika, Varėna region. The traditional festival of the winter’s end, Shrove Tuesday is being celebrated in the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumšiškės, All Soul’s Day – at ancient burial places and the fires of the Midsummer Day are burned on the hillforts. Also, they perform at churches, museums, and various events, participate in festivals and organise evening parties.

You can find Goštauta in KTU Cultural Centre (Laisvės Avenue 13), Room 508, on Mondays 7–9 p.m.

A man with blonde, short hair, in a white linen shirt, holding several musical instruments in his hands.
Saulius Lipinskas

Leader of Folk Group Goštauta

KTU, III rūmai
phone: +37061065451
email sdl@su.lt