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KTU Students’ Association

Is one of the largest organisations in Lithuania providing vast self-realisation opportunities for energetic, responsible and proactive students, who want and are able to represent the interests of all the University’s students, to solve arising problems and challenges and in such a way to acquire irreplaceable skills.

At KTU SU you can:

• Be responsible for the social welfare of the students: scholarships, dormitories, allowances, loans, etc.
• Initiate the changes of the study process
• Contribute to the organisation of cultural and commercial events for students
• Cooperate with business and participate in the search of long-term partners
• Make and maintain contacts with foreign organisations, be responsible for preparation and implementation of various projects
• Work in a team and take care of the welfare and development of competences of the fellow students
• Communicate with media and general public while sharing information on the municipal activities

New members are admitted in the beginning of each autumn semester. More information is available at your Faculty’s Student Union.

Danas Černeckas


K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas
phone: +37065486217
email prezidentas@ktusa.lt