3 simple exercises if you feel stressed out

Studies adjustment | 2021-05-27

KTU psychologist Marija Aušraitė provides 3 simple exercises that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Ask yourself “Can I control what is causing anxiety and stress?” If the answer is “Yes,” take action to help solve the problem. If the answer is no, there is no point in worrying.
  2. Imagine yourself in 5 years. How important and significant is a situation that is now stressful for you?
  3. Evaluate on a scale from 1 to 10 how much stress current difficulties, such as assignments, cause. Then evaluate how much stress would cause such activities as a quiet walk, slight changes in the lecture schedule, conflict with a best friend, loss of housing, illness of a family member, loss of a loved one. Re-evaluate how stressful the current situation is.

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