Embark on a new adventure: don’t miss GO Abroad Fair 2024

Important | 2024-02-08

On Tuesday, February 13 the annual KTU GO Abroad Fair will take place. It is a great opportunity to get first-hand knowledge about studies and internships abroad from former exchange students and KTU International Office coordinators.

Studying or going for an internship abroad are among the experiences, which count as once-in-a-lifetime (although, technically possible more than once). Even though the prospect of relocating to another country may seem both exciting and terrifying, it’s worth trying. Among the many reasons why, are expanding employment opportunities, learning and practicing a new language, and experiencing a new culture and different university life.

“During my Erasmus program in Spain, I was sitting in my rented apartment and checking KTU Outlook. Suddenly, I saw news from a partner university that was looking for students for a Summer Traineeship in 2023 at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. I immediately checked the requirements and prepared all the necessary documents,” says Assemzhan, studying bachelor’s in Chemical Technology and Engineering.

The fact that the internship programme offered full funding and a variety of research topics in the Chemistry and Engineering department, made her very enthusiastic about the opportunity.

KTU international student
Assemzhan Kunsakova, KTU chemistry student, Unibuddy Ambassador

“At that moment, I realised that this was the perspective I had been looking for at KTU. It was a new chance, a step forward, and a new environment for my personal and professional development,” says KTU Student Ambassador from Kazakhstan.

Universities from different countries around the world, and the companies providing traineeship will introduce their opportunities at the GO Abroad Fair 2024. During the Fair, the students will hear about the study and internship abroad from the participants of the exchange, who will talk about their experience and answer any questions.

“I think it’s a first-hand knowledge that reveals the true nature of this adventure,” says Skirmantas Musteikis, a fourth-year student of applied chemistry, who is one of KTU Exchange Counsellors.

Every year, more than 400 KTU students and graduates participate in Erasmus+ student exchange or take an internship. The University collaborates with more than 500 educational institutions in 50 countries and the list of partners is constantly expanding.

The GO Abroad Fair 2024 will take place at the KTU Campus Library from 12.00 until 14.30.