Fresh out of KTU: Sajla from India plans her career in Brussels

Important | 2024-02-19

Coming from South Asia to study in Northern Europe is a decision not everyone is willing to make. Cultural differences, language barriers, and distance from home may seem intimidating. Yet, for those driven by ambition, no challenges are too hard to overcome. Sajla Abdul Razack is one of those who has not been afraid to aim high and a couple of years ago decided to achieve her academic goals away from home, in Lithuania.

Having completed her bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a specific focus on security back in Singapore, Sajla Abdul Razak enrolled in the Public Policy and Security master’s program at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). Sajla is convinced that the interdisciplinary nature of this program aligns seamlessly with her academic background and future goals.

A young professional from India remembers that her motivation for pursuing a Master’s degree at KTU came from her aspiration to integrate her knowledge in both areas of her interests, one that came from her previous studies and another that appeared when looking for a job.

“Upon entering the job market in India, I decided to pursue internships as a research fellow in public policy. This experience exposed me to a different facet of the field and sparked an interest in merging the two areas of study,” explains Sajla.

However, finding such a program posed a challenge. After doing some research and engaging in conversations with professors, Sajla discovered the KTU master’s study programme which was a perfect fit for her career aspirations.

After joining KTU, Sajla devoted most of her time to studies and research. Eagerness and desire to improve allowed her to actively engage in various conferences both within and beyond university settings. As she says, this involvement significantly boosted her confidence in presenting various works to an audience.

Talking about her experience in Lithuania, KTU alumni also mentions the exciting opportunities and new beginnings that arose because of her desire to study here. One of the most important aspects she points out is the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the world and the relationships that resulted from it.

“My friends became my primary support system,” recalls Sajla while reflecting on her life away from home.

Furthermore, Sajla highlights the possibility of participating in an Erasmus exchange programme with Corvinus University in Budapest as one of the greatest adventures during her study years.

Currently, after completing her studies, Sajla’s focus lies on European Union (EU) and Asian policy research, specifically in trade, approached from a geopolitical security perspective. Looking further ahead, the young expert shares her plans to relocate to Brussels. There, she will undertake a graduate internship funded by an Erasmus+ scholarship.

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