Wonder what KTU campus looks like in reality? Take a virtual tour

Important | 2023-08-08

When we say that the Kaunas University of Technology campus is located in a green area, that state-of-the-art equipment is installed in our laboratories, or that we have substantially renovated our study and living environments, you do not need to take our word for it!

Hop on a virtual tour around our campus and take a sneak peek into the university environment.

The best thing about this tour is that it is open 24/7, and it allows you to discover spaces that would not be available on a live campus tour including laboratories, dormitories, classrooms and much more. Plus, the tour never reaches its capacity and you can spend as much time on it as you want.

Mikas Binkis KTU
Dr. Mikas Binkis

“Virtual tour consists of special 3600 panoramic images, which allow you to look around, up and down. The tours often possess different interactive qualities: the views are complemented with textual, audio or visual information on the object and links to other panoramic points. In such as way, the visitor can feel that they are taking a stroll through the environment,” says Mikas Binkis, one of the creators of a KTU virtual tour, a researcher and a lecturer at the Faculty of Informatics.

KTU virtual tour consists of 200 panoramic points, and is constantly updated, accordingly to the KTU Campus upgrades.

Recent and upcoming improvements of the KTU University Campus include:

  • The renovated 10th dormitory with 137 single rooms and 61 double rooms and housing 259 students. (The renovation of the 11th dormitory is in the process; by 2025, the plans to renovate six more dormitories will be prepared.)
  • The new KTU Campus Library, a contemporary, multifunctional study centre, with a full capacity of 2,400 square meters dedicated to this purpose.
  • The refurbished KTU Activated Gym with cardio and endurance training rooms, boxing and TRX belts; one can choose a workout from eight different group workouts. All of this – is for free to the members of the KTU community.
  • In the summer of 2023, KTU Campus walkways undergo capital renovation to make the area even more pedestrian and cyclists-friendly.

Soon, the M-Lab prototyping centre will open in the middle of the campus opening new learning and research spaces for the community.

Locating yourself at KTU Campus

KTU virtual tour will let you visualise yourself going to classes, studying at the library, training at the gym, getting food in a canteen or doing research at the laboratories. You can come back to this tour anytime – even after visiting your faculty physically, you might not be able to see everything that is of interest to you specifically.

With a virtual tour, you can control navigation and spend time in the areas that are most interesting to you.

“The best example of a virtual tour is Google Street View, which is often used by travellers for planning their next trip or investigating the whereabouts of the locality. Research shows that virtual tours, which are being created for museums, educational institutions and companies, increase the users’ trust toward the organisation,” says Binkis.

He admits to using virtual tours for trip planning, especially to check the available parking options. Also, virtual tours help locate yourself in a certain environment.

On the KTU virtual tour, you can choose the locations on the map, or from the menu at the top of the page. Under “Services” you will find the canteens, gym and other zones dedicated to leisure activities; to explore student residences go to the “Accommodation” section, and the classrooms, laboratories and libraries can be found under “University environments”. On the KTU website, the virtual tour button is located on the top left, next to “Search”.

“We created this tour together with Professor Tomas Blažauskas. For us, this project is exciting not only because KTU is our alma mater; we are very proud to see how the university is evolving, and how its environments are becoming more beautiful and contemporary. Sometimes, we share the links to the tour with KTU alumni – they are always amazed by the change,” says Binkis.

According to the creators of the KTU virtual tour, it is a never-ending project as the campus is being updated all the time. In the meanwhile, check out the current version of the tour. Hop on and enjoy the ride!