Digital badges

Non-formal education: digital badges for acknowledgment of the activities of the development of competences. Digital badges are digital micro-certificates; it is a new digital standard for acknowledgment of the non-formal learning and education achievements.


What is a digital badge?


Why is it worth to collect digital badges?

Advantage while searching for internship and job Competitions and scholarships ate the University   A file of competences
 Demonstrate your achievements and active participation in the university’s life to your potential employer.  A quick and easy way to collect the proof of your activities at the university in one place.  Seek the confirmation of your competences acquired via non-formal learning.

Learn by doing. Gather your experience. Share your achievements. The badges are a visual record of your experience and achievements. Your achievements can be shared on social media and professional networks.

Fill the form and with the graduation diploma get Personal Competence Portfolio! 

You will be awarded three types of certificates:

A file of competences

It is a summary of your activities provided in accordance with 7 types of activities (volunteering; additional and volunteer internship; membership of KTU organisation; additional education (learning) at KTU; research activities; transfer of knowledge and experience; achievements at the Olympiads and competitions and contests). A certificate reflects your participation in various activities.

Certificate of participation in the programme

A certificate reflects your participation in the activities of a particular project. Your involvement and activeness in various programmes is important.

Certificate of participation in accordance with the types of activities

You can choose particular activities currently relevant to you and receive a certificate with a consistent representation of your participation in these activities.


How do you begin?

  1. Download a mobile app “Badge Wallet” to your telephone.
  2. Register with your KTU email.
  3. Indicate your name and surname using in the settings.
  4. Scan QR codes that you will find while participating in various activities.
  5. Perform the tasks proving your participation in the activities and collect digital badges in the app in your telephone!

Edit your account on the website

Download “Badge Wallet” user manuals in the English language here:


You can collect digital badges

KTU “WANTed” Career Days

It is the largest career fair for students and business representatives in the Baltic countries. KTU Career Days has facilitated a successful integration of thousands of students in the labour market and helped representatives of the companies finding the most talented employees for their organisations. Collect the badges by being a volunteer, and sharing your knowledge and experience at this event.

Public Speaking

“Toastmasters English” – a club of public speaking and leadership, aiming to provide a favourable learning environment that contributes to the development of communication and leadership skills and strengthen your self-confidence. Attend four sessions of public speaking, give at least one speech and receive a badge!

Development of Information Competences. KTU Library.

The purpose of the lecture series “Development of Information Competences” organized by the Kaunas University of Technology Library is to provide students with information and scientific literacy and to provide knowledge about the planning of information search and copyright. Participate in at least three seminars “Development of Information Competences” organized by the KTU Library and receive a badge!

7 habits of highly effective people

This programme for development of personality and emotional intelligence is based on the management bestseller “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey; it helps to develop awareness and become more effective in your professional and personal life. The badges are awarded for successful completion and implementation of the programme.

Virtual reality marketing

It is an international and interdisciplinary study project for creation of the prototypes for games. Students from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and Kaunas University of Technology participate in this project. The badges are awarded for participation in the project.

„INchallange“  project

It is a “challenge” project of the “GIFTed” programme; its objective – development of practical entrepreneurship and scientific competences of the students of the Talent Academy by solving real life science and/or business cases provided by the partners. The badges are awarded for successful participation in the project.

Talents WANTed

It is a cycle of seminars focused on personal development; it includes discussions about the modern talents in the context of the labour market. What competences are important if you want to become competitive in the labour market? How to develop them? The badges are awarded for participation in all sessions and for making of the personal plan for development of competences.


The University provides a possibility for advanced and motivated students to become tutors and give the module consultations. Consulting of your fellow students is a great step in becoming a future leader! If you have become one of the tutors and successfully provide consultations – this badge is for you!

Peer mentor

Peer mentor provides a possibility to each first year student to get acquainted with the student life; therefore it is an important part of the University’s community. If you have become a peer tutor for the first year students – you have a chance to get a digital badge.

Mentor for pupils

Who do I want to become and what can I expect at the university? If you have are a mentor for pupils and help them to find answers to those and other questions, you deserve to be awarded a digital badge.

“GUIDed” with research mentor

There are many research mentors at the University, you just have to choose an area that you find important or interesting, and you can acquire knowledge and contribute to the research activities. If you have chosen a research mentor and have learned about the area of science with his/her help – you receive a badge.

“GUIDed” event for mentors

“GUIDed” event for mentors is for sharing of the results of mentorship and to see the greater possibilities of this programme. You can receive digital badges by contributing to the organisation of this event or by sharing your experience with the audience during the programme.

Head of the student organisation

There are 23 active student organisations at the University; they provide students with a possibility to develop diverse competences and acquire various practical skills. Each organisation has its leader who represents an organisation and is responsible for its activities. If you are the head of the student organisation – this badge is for you!

Member of the student organisation

There are 23 active student organisations at the University; they provide students with a possibility to develop diverse competences and acquire various practical skills. The activities of the student organisations are impossible without the participating students. They are like-minded people promoting their organisation, creating its image and conducting its activities. You can receive this badge by being an active member of the organisation!

Alumnus of the student organisation

If you have been a member of one of the University’s 23 student organisations during your studies and you still find time to contribute to its activities and share your good experience with currently active members of your organisation after graduation, this badge is for you.

The main coordinator of the event

All 23 organisations of the University organise various initiatives and events each academic year. If you are more than just an active member of the organisation, not afraid to take responsibility for the large events of the organisation, this badge is for you!

Member of the art society. Golden badge

There are six art societies at the University, providing students with a possibility to participate in various artistic activities. Quite often the students who join the society in the first year of studies remain its members until their graduation from the Master’s studies. Some of them also perform various organisational activities in the society. If you are one of them, this badge is for you.

Member of the art society. Silver badge

You did not spend all years of studies at the University’s art society, you had no chance to perform organisational activities, but you attended all rehearsals, lectures, and participated in the performances, etc. It is often important to demonstrate to your employer that you are an active and comprehensive personality, therefore, apply to receive this badge.

Winner of the competition

KTU art societies often participate in various competitions, festivals and exhibitions of the artistic field. Naturally, they often win prizes. If you succeeded to achieve that with one of the art societies of our University – inform us, you have a possibility to receive this badge.

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