KTU New Media Language student’s experience – studying at three universities in four years

Important | 2023-09-20

Starting her studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), studying in Marseille (France) and Granada (Spain), and then returning to her very first university – this is what Anesa Mesnikovič’s studies look like. The girl, who is striving for academic success and will receive three diplomas at the end of this academic year, believes that such a way of studying is extremely rewarding.

In 2020, KTU became a member the Applied European Languages (AEL) network. That is why the students of the New Media Language study programme have the opportunity to spend two years of their studies at universities abroad and to obtain documents certifying their higher education.

Anesa Mesnikovič, who has chosen to pursue her bachelor’s degree in linguistics, is delighted that the professional competencies she has acquired abroad and the self-confidence she has built up encourage her to develop her skills and pursue a meaningful career in an international environment.

Anesa Mesnikovič_New Media LAnguage
Anesa Mesnikovič, KTU New Media Language student in Marseilles

The academic community helped overcome the challenges

The student admits that participating in the international programme and the new learning environment brought challenges – the language barrier was the most difficult for Anesa.

“I was used to studying everything in English at KTU, and even though I had basic knowledge of Spanish, I hardly knew any French. I was worried about this before I went abroad to study,” says Anesa.

However, she is happy that the support of the academic community gave her the confidence to overcome the challenges – the supportive attitude of the people around her, the extra language courses and the engaging activities allowed her to gradually become fully integrated into the learning programme.

Speaking about KTU’s membership of AEL, she emphasises the strong sense of community and the excellent communication between the universities participating in the programme. According to Anesa, this helps ensure students’ academic success at universities abroad.

New Media Language
Anesa and her friend from AEL network Goda in Southern France

A chance to get acquainted not only with the country but also with the job market

Anesa identifies professional and linguistic competencies, knowledge of cultural diversity and international contacts as the main advantages of the AEL programme.

Translation Faculty in Granada, Spain
Translation Faculty in Granada, Spain – one of Anesa's study destinations

“It’s a great opportunity to gain experience before entering the global job market,” says a KTU student.

After two years of studying abroad, Anesa feels that her personality has also changed, as she has become more cheerful. She says that these trips have provided her with many happy moments, valuable friendships, personal development, and the realisation that the beauty of life lies in the appreciation of diversity and the cherishing of human connections.

“The main lesson I have learnt from this life journey is that you can leave a piece of your heart in different places around the world, but it is the connections we make with people that really define the essence of our existence”, says KTU student.

The student reveals that, having obtained three diplomas from different universities, she plans to continue gaining valuable practical experience to complement her academic achievements and theoretical knowledge: “I am currently considering a traineeship in Brussels; I would like to contribute to the European Commission’s work.”

She hopes that the persistence she has developed during her studies will help her to be part of important initiatives and to work in a field where she can contribute to positive changes in international cooperation.

Anesa encourages future New Media Language students not to hesitate to try out the AEL Network programme: “I can proudly say that it was the best decision I ever made. Despite the difficulties and challenges, studying at three universities in four years is an extraordinary opportunity that is definitely worth taking part in.”