Welcome Week activities greet new KTU students

Important | 2023-08-24

We’re starting the autumn semester strong with our Boundless Beginnings Welcome Week, which kicks off on Monday, August 28. Welcome Week is the best way to connect with your fellow students and discover resources and organisations across the KTU campus.

From picnics at the dormitory to night cinema and Kaunas city tour – all Welcome Week events are designed to greet students and help them become more familiar with the Kaunas University of Technology, its campus, teachers, and fellow students.

The Welcome Week activities will start on Monday, August 28 with a picnic next to dormitories. On August 29–30, all international students are invited to matriculate, i.e. to officially register as KTU students, at KTU Santaka Valley.

Moments from the last year's Welcome Week

KTU Welcome Week is packed with fun and informative activities, such as introductory lectures, which will provide knowledge on the University and your new study environment, University organisation’s fair, night cinema in the open air, concert of the emerging music bands, city tour and pub crawl with KTU Erasmus Student Network (ESN KTU).

Every year, the not-to-miss fun activity is the From Zero to Hero freshmen “baptism” ceremony, which tests not only new students’ physical endurance but also their determination to persevere to the finish line.

“The name Boundless Beginnings that we chose for this year’s Welcome Week speaks volumes about how special it is. Welcome Week is the beginning, the introduction to a new phase of life – university. These days are intended for students to get to know new people – their study mates, the KTU community, and to get familiar with the facilities so that when lectures start, they feel more confident,” said the representatives of the KTU Students’ Union, the organisers of the event.

KTU International Relations Department together with ESN KTU designed an additional programme aimed specifically at international students. According to Audronė Račkauskienė, the Head of the International Studies Office, this year KTU is expecting a record number of overseas students from more than 43 countries.

“As the matriculation starts only next week, the number of incoming international students is not finalised yet. However, we are very happy with both the amount and the quality of the applications received from all over the world,” says Račkauskienė.

At KTU, the majority of international students are coming from India, Ukraine, Turkey, Morocco and Kazakhstan. Moreover, young people from such faraway countries as New Zealand, Honduras, Mauritius, Tanzania, and Venezuela will also join the KTU student community this year.

A warm welcome to you all! Please, join Boundless Beginnings Welcome Week activities for your smooth start at KTU.